Gay Dad Essays

The series of gay dad essays that inspired the 2022 pilot “The Balls”:

A Queer Dad’s Fear of Fumbling — Oprah Daily

To avoid being sidelined, LGBTQ father Bradley Jacobs Sigesmund reconciles himself to the importance of football in his son’s life.

I’m a Gay Dad. My Son Loves Sports. Here’s How That Unexpectedly Changed My Life — Shondaland

In trading Broadway for baseball, Bradley Jacobs Sigesmund reflects on the welcome by-product of his son’s athleticism: straight male friendships.

Too Young to Admit I was Gay, Here’s How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love Summer Camp — USA Today

Outdoorsy and athletic, Lucas wants to maximize the experience and attend camp for all seven weeks: “Dad and Pops, I can’t wait to get to the woods.” Quiet and flabby, I could only bear to attend for a fraction of that: “Mommy, do I really have to go?”

How an Unsporty Gay Dad Connects with his Jock-In-Training Son — Refinery29

Ill-at-ease with athletics while growing up, I was the proverbial Last Boy Picked. Watching Lucas take so easily to sports has opened old wounds and forced me to readdress aspects of myself that I thought I’d come to terms with decades ago.

My Life Changed When I Went From Gay Man to Gay Dad —

The first half-year with our son, Lucas, was rough. But not because of the crying fits, the 3 a.m. diaper changes and the cumbersome stroller — all of that was expected. The much harder part was transitioning to a new me.

We Love You, “Mommie Dearest”! Top 8 Parenting Tips From Joan Crawford — Logo / NewNowNext

Inspired by Mother’s Day, a gay dad re-examines the melodrama and finds glimpses of meaning amid all the scenery chewing: She’s a single mom struggling to raise a kid … among all the excesses of Hollywood

‘Tis the Season for . . . Stuff —

Hanukkah started this Sunday night. That means Lucas’ grandmothers, my partner Jack’s sister, and various friends have asked what to get our 4-year-old. My answer: NOTHING!