About Bradley


Bradley (AKA BJ) is a NYC-based journalist and content creator and new screenwriter.

He was the co-author of a daily Bloomberg newsletter covering Covid, the Biden Administration, top news and trends for readership of 25,000+ as part of the Communications team until 2021.

Prior, he co-wrote a daily “Mike 2020” Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign newsletter that was packed with digital ad reveals, event coverage, policy rollouts, and Twitter wars — published seven days a week at campaign’s height.

He recently completed a 30-minute comedy-drama TV pilot called ONE OF THE GUYS, in which a sports-phobic gay dad must face his longtime insecurities about jocks and athletics when his only son lands a highly coveted spot in a competitive NYC travel soccer league.

He also wrote a short screenplay called THE BUNGALOW, which focuses on brilliant, four-times-wed “Rebel Without a Cause” director Nicholas Ray and his secret affair with writer Gavin Lambert in 1956.

Previously he spent 15+ years at Newsweek and Us Weekly, CNN and MSNBC, and had varied consulting experience spanning communications, development, programming, talent relations, advocacy, and events.

He began his career at Newsweek, where he wrote and edited hundreds of Newsweek.com features spanning news, business, politics, lifestyle, advertising, and showbiz as well as regularly penned the magazine’s frothy “Newsmakers” page.

As the Senior Film Editor at Us Weekly under Editor in Chief Janice Min, he helped steer the editorial direction of one of the most widely read publications in the marketplace for a decade. Working with PR directors across the entertainment world, he conceived and edited features and items, represented the brand regularly on TV and in print, covered film festivals, penned movie reviews, and interviewed hundreds of actors, directors, reality stars along the way.

A dynamic host, he has moderated numerous panels with talent and executives and provided TV commentary hundreds of times on CNN, MSNBC, Today, GMA, ET and Extra.

He has freelanced over the years for New York Magazine, the New York Times, Details and many other dearly departed publications. Recent pieces:

He wrote an 2021 USA Today essay on his terrible memories of sleepaway camp as he prepped to send his son Lucas on his own woodsy adventure. He penned a Shondaland.com essay on coming to terms with his son’s passion for sports — despite his total lack of interest in athletics — and the unexpected friendships he’s made with other dads along the way. Timed to Mother’s Day, he wrote a tongue-in-cheek Logo piece on Joan Crawford’s Top Parenting Tips.

In 2018, he hosted this TED-style event during his Oct. 2018 reunion weekend at Northwestern University in which accomplished alumni shared first-person stories about a “Moment of Decision” that shaped their lives.

Born in Vancouver, B.C., and raised in Santa Monica, Calif., the Northwestern grad and his partner, Jack, live in downtown NYC with Lucas and another VIP: their four-legged firstborn, Dexter.

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Email: bjs1nyc@gmail.com

Twitter: @BradleyJacobs
Instagram: bradleyjacobsnyc

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradleyjacobsnyc/
TV appearances: https://www.youtube.com/user/BradleyJacobsNYC/videos