Quotes in press

I have been quoted numerous times over the years in USA Today, the Associated Press, etc., and well as in movie posters. Examples:

• Tom Cruise’s representatives asked me to join him for a in Calabasas, CA, at the height of his romance with Katie Holmes. It became the subject of this editor’s letter from Editor-in-Chief Janice Min.

• I created the portfolio that earned Us Weekly its first GLAAD nomination in 2008 (as well as two that followed). It became the subject of another editor’s letter.

• Quoted in an ABC News story on the Best Actress curse and another ABC News piece on whether movie critics even matter

• Quoted in an AP story about the media frenzy over Brangelina’s wedding

• Quoted in a USA Today story about Tom Cruise being less of a top gun

• Quoted in USA Today about big budget movies vs. indies

• Quoted in a CNN.com piece about Jennifer Aniston’s enduring box office appeal

• Interviewed in Newsweek about the irrelevance of today’s red carpet

• Quoted in a chapter on Us Weekly in the book FAME JUNKIES

• Quoted in ads for (500) Days of Summer, Michael Jackson’s This Is It, Burn After Reading, Mamma Mia!, and many more