and Newsweek Magazine

I reported and wrote hundreds of web-exclusive feature articles spanning business, lifestyle, politics, media, technology, kids and entertainment. I worked closely with Newsweek assistant managing editor Deidre Depke to develop and expand the magazine’s brand on the web. Here are some of my favorite bylined pieces:

It’s Aboot Time the World Understood Canadians Like Me

• Halle Berry’s first 10 minutes after her Oscar win

• Turning Back Time to My MOTHER’s First Cher concert

Trip Gabriel On Why the Styles Section Updated Its Wedding Announcements

How ‘TRL’ Rewired the Record Business

• Oliver Stone Q&A: The Return of ‘Greed’

‘Valley of the Dolls’ Stars On Why Camp Endures

These Women Are Stuck on ‘Sex and the City’

• SpongeBob Cleans Up

• Raffi, The Next Generation plus Q&A with Raffi

Inside the Wide World of the Wiggles plus Q&A with The Red Wiggle

• Carly Simon on Producing for Piglet (And Why She Usually Avoids Interviews)

• Philip Seymour Hoffman Profile

 MAD Magazine: An Oral History of Its Highest and Lowest Moments

• Inside Madonna’s Secret Show

All About Ira Glass

• Q&A with a Botox Believer

Helen Gurley Brown Q&A

• Camille Paglia Q&A: ‘We’re Getting Clinton Now As He Really Is’

• Family Research Council Comes Out Against TV’s First Gay Kiss – A Q&A

• Porn Goes Mainstream plus a Q&A with pornstar Seymore Butts

• Letter from Oscarland: Someone Thinks I’m Cher’s Assistant

• Letter from Oscarland: The First Time I Saw Paris (Hilton)

• Letter from Oscarland: Will the Oscars be Canceled? Embedded in L.A.

• Spirit Awards: In Line for a Porta-Potty with Kirsten Dunst

• American Idle: Finale Review

• Sundance Diary: Goodbye Party

• Sundance Diary: I’m Pushing It In Park City

• Sundance Report: Cold Air, Hot Buys

• Operation Miss America: At the event nine days after 9/11

9/11’s Cultural Impact: A Year Later

• The Skinny on the Scoop: Inside the Gossip Business

• Geraldine Ferraro Q&A: My Take on Bush Vs. Gore

• Q&A with the authors of ‘Our Monica, Ourselves: The Clinton Affair and the National Interest’

• David Blaine Q&A: Why I’m Starving Myself a Month and a Half

• Randy Jackson Q&A: ‘I’ve Seen Celebrity up Close, But Never Really Lived It’

• Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman Detail Their Tonys Kiss

• Q&A with Nerve CEO Rufus Griscom

• ‘ER’ Uproar: Q&A with the Angry Cofounder of the Cure Autism Now

• Inside the Pirate’s Booty Lawsuit

Q&A: A Travel Agent On Why Americans Are Staying Home This Summer

• Mike Fleiss Explains How He First Conceived ‘The Bachelor’


Some favorite Newsweek magazine pieces:

• Feature on Bravo’s gay reality show, “Boy Meets Boy”

• Inside a reality show pitch with NBC’s Jeff Gaspin

• Newsmakers page: Judith Exner’s explosive Vanity Fair profile

• Newsmakers page: Christopher Reeve interview

• Newsmakers page: Monica Lewinsky elbowed me to meet Bill

• Newsmakers page: Dina Eastwood spills wedding details

• Newsmakers page: Miss America Pageant Allows Navel RingsNewsmakers – Miss Two-Piece America

• Tech Beat: Games Pierre Omidyar, Steve Wozniak and others play

• Pamela Anderson Q&A

• Adam Brody Q&A

• Richard Chamberlain Q&A